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Are you looking for a new shop home? What is your shop for rent wish list?   Maybe your current rent is too high?  Perhaps your business has outgrown your current shop space?  Perhaps you have your shop in your home and hey, let’s face it, that’s a disaster just waiting to happen.

Well we have a suggestion, one which will only appeal to bold dreamers out there.

Shipping container shops! Office rental with an attitude!

Don’t be so quick to tsk-tsk, please.  A short list of businesses that are currently using shipping containers for shops are:  dry cleaners, repair shops, paint shops, artist suites, convenience stores, lawyer offices, bail bonds offices, insurance companies, sculptor studios, title companies, salon shops, think tanks, high-tech firms, copyrighting companies, bike stores, fishing tackle shops, and on and on and on the list goes.  Storage container buildings offer great value.

We’ve heard all the arguments against shipping container shops and we’ve shot them all down.  Containers are too small?  Well no, no they are not.  A shipping container is 320 square feet of shop space, about normal for the average shop rental space.

Containers are too . . . well, rusty?  No they are not!  Containers can easily be retrofitted and professionally designed to resemble any high-end shop or retail space.

Containers offer no flexibility!  Wrong again!  Shipping containers are the ultimate in flex space, easily converted into any sort of space you need, and easily added on to should you need more space.

We like to repeat this mantra every time we hear negativity about containers:  “A small office holds just as much professionalism and love as a BIG one,” and a container shop holds all that professionalism and love at a lower price! Container shops are offices with attitude, a new way to office, and a glimpse at the commercial real estate future.

So what are you going to do, remain stuck in the past, or ride the wave of the future?

Would you like to see a container shop?  How about small office space at a low cost?  Take a look at Box Office Warehouse Suites, the newest business park in the Alliance commercial real estate area of Fort Worth, Texas.  Professionally-designed by architect Hue Grant, Box Office Warehouse Suites offers thirty-eight container suites using over 100 shipping containers. Each suite offers a long list of amenities, and each suite offers the flexibility to be whatever it is you want it to be.  Retail space downstairs, meeting room upstairs? It can be done!

Ask yourself what you want your new shop to say about your business.  This is important, so take a moment to do this.  What do you want your shop to say?  Do you want it to say “one of a similar million,” or do you want it to say “leading edge of the shipping container revolution?”  Do you want to be known as a dreamer and a doer, or a stodgy old by-the-numbers guy with little creativity? Although those choices seem to be extreme, so are shipping containers, extreme, and they speak volumes about the business person willing to walk a different path in business.

So, what about you?  What path do you walk?