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Welcome to Box Office Warehouse Suites, the trendiest business park in Fort Worth, Texas. Box Office Warehouse Suites is the first business park in the area that is made out of empty shipping containers, but the question remains… were all of the containers really empty?

“We noticed when the containers started arriving that a few showed up that weren’t on the manifest,” said Ron Sturgeon, Box Office Warehouse Suites’ founder.  “We put them to use among the expected containers and didn’t think much of it, until strange things started happening around here.”

No one that works on site was willing to comment on record about the rumored activity, but a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous said one stack of containers had an intense bright light shining from it unexplainably, even before power was run to the construction site.

When asked about the activity, Sturgeon replied, “Pod 9… I don’t know what’s in there and I’m not sure I am brave enough to find out. We lost an entire overnight crew inside of there, almost as if they vanished. We haven’t been in there since. All I know is, whatever is in there is multiplying. We can hear “noises”, not sure if it’s the crew or uninvited guests, all we hear is strange noises, almost alien-like. We are hoping we can keep whatever is in there contained.”

The park has a grand opening charity event slated for March 17, 2018.

When asked about the effects of this unexplained activity on the grand opening event Sturgeon declined to comment but did say anyone in attendance who is willing and able would be welcomed to explore the mystery inside of “Pod 9.”

Are YOU brave enough for the challenge?

Join us on March 17, 2018 from 11am to 5pm at Box Office Warehouse Suites. 

The producers of Hangman’s House of Horrors will be hosting an alien-based survival game inside the infamous “Pod 9” to help spread word of the upcoming opening of their survival-based escape game.  The escape game is a non-traditional version of the hugely popular escape rooms currently available throughout DFW and across the US.

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