Homes For Rentoffice area with warehouse space

Homes made from shipping containers are hot items right now.  Have you seen pictures of them? With the new movement towards “living small,” they are the perfect answer for someone looking to downsize and “shrink” their lifestyle.

We at Box Office Warehouse Suites have taken notice of this movement, and we have a response for anyone looking for flexible options for their small business.

Box Office Warehouse Suites, the first and only Fort Worth location offering box suites office space for lease, is ready to welcome you as the next tenant.

We can hear the murmuring in the back row.  We’ve heard it before.  It’s all so radical, this idea of shipping container construction.  How will it ever work in a business setting? How could a shipping container ever meet the needs of a business?

To those Doubting Thomases out there, we say “read and learn.”  The commercial suite dilemma is about to be solved for you.

So let’s address that last question right now.  How could a shipping container ever meet the needs of a business?  To answer that we need to define exactly what the needs of a business are.

A business needs flexibility, correct?  A business needs a location where it can grow, a location that can meet the specific needs of that business.  Shipping container office plans offer flexibility to the max.

Check! The beauty of a shipping container is it can be anything you need it to be.  An office?  A warehouse?  A garage?  A display room?  All are possible and all have been successfully done using shipping containers.  But can you grow with shipping containers?  You might be surprised to learn just how easy it is to grow with containers.  Start out with 320 square feet and then simply add on in increments of 320 square feet as your business grows. Shipping containers are built to stack one atop another, so this is right in their wheelhouse, so to speak.  Expansion is as easy as stacking building blocks with your little children.

A business, and particularly a new business, needs a location that is relatively inexpensive…must keep that overhead down, right?  Shipping container construction meets that criteria.  Containers are easy to construct and/or refurbish, and lower construction costs mean lower leasing costs.

And then someone will say that shipping containers are just too tacky, they are old, rusted, and don’t look anything like a modern business, and to those people we say go take a look at Box Office Warehouse Suites with their brightly-colored  container suites, painted all the colors of the rainbow, with patios, with modern office interiors, with beautiful floors and paneling, go ahead, look around, and then take back those words about tacky and un-businesslike.  Our storage containers shops for lease are anything but tacky!

So there you go, all the naysayers have been shot down, all reservations have been exposed as ridiculous; all that’s left for you to do is visit Box Office Warehouse Suites in Fort Worth and see for yourself just how cool shipping containers offices/warehouses can be.  Give us a call at (817) 903-9438 and schedule a visit.  We are convinced that once you see our business containers you’ll be thrilled with the results. Container apartments and offices in the Alliance area are going fast, so don’t be left in the dust.

Give us a call.  We’ll leave the light on for ya!  Lease office space for the future in the here and now.