Snap and Share Art Walk


noun: a form of public art and expression

Snap and Share at Fort Worth Design DistrictSnap and Share Art Walk is a fine art juried competition open to all visual artists, from novice to professional.

The Snap and Share Art Walk is a celebration of the dynamic energy urban graffiti/street art offers through its craftsmanship and unique beauty with innovative use of shipping containers to connect to our ‘hip’ community.

The Snap and Share Art Walk is a 4 part art contest that is looking to showcase graffiti/street art at the Fort Worth Design Center. Box Office Warehouse Suites is made entirely of shipping containers, where art and business connect.

Box Office Warehouse Suites and Fort Worth Design District, in collaboration with Golden Triangle Business Park, invites urban street artists to participate in the Snap and Share Art Walk. Participants will compete for a $1000 grand prize.4 artists will be chosen to create a mural on container walls at the Fort Worth Design District.

Artists interested need to submit an application by July 10, 2018.

Terms and Conditions

 Artist Application

Mural Artist

Mural Criteria

  • Only original works of art will be allowed.
  • Mural should cover about half of the container wall (approximately 20 feet.)
  • The artwork must be inspirational, entertaining, informative, and positive.
  • Sexual, insulting or derogative images or content are NOT allowed.

Application Requirements

  • Artist Bio.
  • Contact Information.
  • 4-6 portfolio images.
  • Project proposal in the form of a drawing or a sketch.

Additional Info

  • Graffiti will be done on walls of shipping containers with spray paint cans with special tips and markers or other approved methods. No glass scratching is allowed. Nothing that would damage the property is allowed and if performed will be disqualified.
  • Applications and additional documents must be completed by Monday, July 9, 2018
  • Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • Applications and the additional information above can be mailed to:
    Attn: Let Freedom Ring Contest
    Ron Sturgeon Real Estate LP
    5940 Eden Dr.
    Haltom City, Texas 76117
  • Faxed
  • Emailed
    Submit your application online.
Art Contest
For online portfolio or website containing your work
Please Submit your proposed mural sketch. For additional items and portfolio images email:
By clicking this box, I agree to the terms and conditions listed and understand that failure to comply will result in elimination and property damage charges, if applicable.

Four Chosen Participating Artists Will Receive

  • $200 for materials and for painting to begin.
  • $300 upon mural completion.
  • An individualized press release on PR 24/7 wire account prepared by a professional writer.
  • Visibility on Box Office Warehouse Suites Instagram
  • Visibility on Box Office Warehouse Suites Facebook
  • The murals created by the four chosen artists will be showcased during the Snap and Share Art Walk.


  • Art will be judged by a panel of judges.
  • Judges score each criterion 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Scores are totaled for each painter, and then all the judges’ scores are added together. In case of a tie, judges must deliberate and pick a winner.
  • Judges can award a zero if the artist broke a rule.
  • Incomplete paintings and incorrectly spelled words are disqualified.
  • Judges are chosen by the organizer.
  • Decision by the judges is final. There is no appeal process.

Criteria For Judging

  • Color – Judges will be looking to see how well you used color to make your pieces.
  • Originality Judges are looking for something new and different than what you usually do. Surprise us. Also, your style must be unique.
  • Technique – Here is where we consider you can control, and what you do with techniques that sets your piece apart from the pack.

More details coming soon!

***Rules, regulations, terms & schedules are subject to change without notice.


All entries become the property of Box Office Warehouse Suites and may be used by Box Office Warehouse Suites in any and all media now known or hereafter developed for non-commercial and commercial purposes alike. Artists retain rights to use the images of the art as they see fit with attribution to the contest when appropriate.