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Rent office space in the best location for your business sounds like an obvious piece of advice, doesn’t it?  But you might be surprised how many small business owners fail to do it, and they fail because they ignore the last three words of that advice . . . for your business!

We’ll explain, and then we’ll apply it to your business and hopefully prevent you from making the same mistake with your business.

Finding the best office space location is a rather subjective quest.  Real estate experts in any given city can tell you the hot spots in that city.  They can tell you the most desirable locations. They can point to foot traffic, freeway access, rental rates, and they can prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that what you are looking at during your visit is the hottest spot in town for an office.  The shop for lease options are many.

But is it the hottest spot in town for your office?  That is the key question, and it is a question that must be answered when you are looking to rent office space.  What is the best location for your particular business?  If you are a professional sports agent, do you want your office downtown among the lawyers, or do you want it across the street from the training facilities of your city’s professional sports team?  The office downtown, among the lawyers, is without a doubt the hot spot for foot traffic and professionals, but the one across the street from the training facility is more apt to generate the type of business you seek.

If you want a bail bonds office, do you want it to be located in the new business park which caters to young professionals, or do you want it next door to the city’s court house?  The first choice might impress those at the Chamber of Commerce, but the second will pay your bills.

It seems to obvious when you see a couple examples, right?  But it’s amazing how many small business owners ignore this solid business truth and thus pass up the perfect small office solution.

So what about you? What about your business? Where is the best location for a new office for your business?  Answer that question and you’ll have opened the door to increased business.

Having said all that, and all things being equal, and location not necessarily a deal-breaker for your business, then our advice is go with the best value in the hottest business area, and in Fort Worth, Texas, in the year 2017, the best value in the hottest business area is Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Alliance commercial real estate area.  Box Office Warehouse Suites is a new business park made entirely of shipping containers offering the best value on office leases, and the Alliance area, right off of Interstate 35 at the Golden Triangle exit, is easily the hottest commercial spot in the Fort Worth area.  Small office space at low cost in a great area . . . how can you go wrong?

In other words, all things being equal, it is without a doubt the best location for your small business, and you owe it to yourself to give us a call at (817) 903-9438.  We offer office rental with an attitude.