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Shipping container office plans offer flexibility, personality, individuality, and value.

A bold statement for sure, so we’re going to use the rest of this article to prove our points. Container buildings are revolutionary and practical and we’re going to prove it to you.

Are you wondering what is a container office?

For those of you who are uninformed about shipping containers, a shipping container is exactly what you think it is, a metal container used on mammoth ships for delivery of goods near and far.  You take a shipping container, sanitize it, remodel it, add some nice paneling, nice ceiling, nice floors, carpeting, windows and doors, plop it down in a commercial area, and you have a shipping container office.


How’s this for flexible?  You can add a container vertically, or cut out a wall and add a container horizontally, and you can literally do that, in effect doubling the size of your office, in a matter of a day.  It’s like playing with building blocks for adults.  Flexibility?  A shipping container can be anything you want it to be, from an office to a warehouse, from a repair shop to a display room, from an insurance agency to an artist’s studio.  The only limitations on the use of a shipping container are the limitations of your imagination.


Leasing a shipping container office is not like leasing traditional industrial or commercial space.  In the traditional scenario, you go to an industrial park, or some commercial center, you tour a few offices available, you settle on one which kind of meets your needs, you yawn at the white walls and drab interior, and you sign on the dotted line.  With a shipping container, you are the artist and the container is your blank canvas.  Make that sucker look exactly like you, or make it look exactly like the image of your business that is always hovering in your brain.


You are already showing your individuality by even reading this article. That shows a willingness to think outside the box, to embrace the new, and to consider any suggestion that could help your small business.  You are a business owner who really shouldn’t be confined by walls at all, but since you have to be, you might as well have those walls reflect who you are and reflect your business vision.


Seriously?  Value?  How does anyone find value in commercial property for lease?

The shipping container revolution is here!

Well we’re not blowing smoke here.  Shipping container buildings lease for less, simple and truthful statement. Think about it for a moment: Shipping containers are easier and faster to construct than traditional post-and-beam buildings.  If they are easier and faster to construct, that logically means they are less-expensive to construct, and that savings in construction costs is reflected by lower leasing costs.

So there you have it, a bold statement and proof that the statement is true.  The perfect commercial shop for rent, a shipping container.

All that is remaining to do is to determine whether you are the type of small businessperson who is an individual, who has a unique personality, who wants value, and who needs flexibility.  If you are, then shipping container offices are for you.  Call your local leasing agent for more information, and for goodness sake, go tour a few container offices and see for yourself what the shipping container revolution looks like up close.