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Are you looking for a small office shop for lease?  Have you been looking and looking and been unable to find anything within your budget?  Are you growing frustrated looking for office leases that have a little personality and uniqueness? Is it driving you crazy looking for commercial real estate for rent?

Well look no further! Box Office Warehouse Suites is your answer!

Welcome to the shipping container revolution!

We understand your plight.  You are a small business owner; most likely you work from home, one of millions of adults in the United States who owns and operates a home business.  You are established now; you have paid your dues early on, managed to scrimp and save and, through smart business decisions, you have survived the first few years and now face a new problem: growth!  Your home-based business has literally taken over your home.  Inventory fills the garage; your home office is spilling into the living room; and you need to entertain customers but it’s tacky having them come to your home.  Are you looking for the perfect commercial shop and coming up far short?

What do you do?  Money is still an issue and seriously, you can’t see yourself working in a cement box for the next few years, which is exactly what most commercial property for lease looks and feels like.  You are at a crucial junction of your business life, and you need a small office shop for lease, but one you can afford, and where in the heck can you find all of that?

We mentioned earlier the shipping container revolution, and that wasn’t hyperbole.  Container shops are the new trend for a number of reasons.  First, they are affordable for small business owners.  Since they are easy to construct, they are less expensive to construct, and that means lower lease rates.  Container shops are flexible.  If your business grows, another container can be added, and you can keep adding containers at 320 square foot increments as long as you keep growing.  And shipping containers are just funky enough to make you feel good about your decision, and a container building with an suite office will give you the comfort of home you so dearly need.

Shipping container construction is not a glimpse into the future; it is the future and the future is now.  Lease office space for the future right now!

In the Fort Worth area, smack dab in the middle of the Alliance commercial real estate area, sits the new kid on the block, Box Office Warehouse Suites, the brainchild of Ron Sturgeon, local developer and commercial real estate entrepreneur.  Ron has developed thirty-eight container suites at Box Office Warehouse Suites, and every single one of them is eco-friendly, flexible, affordable, and individualistic . . . unique to the people who are leasing them. Rent a shop at Box Office Warehouse Suites.

Brightly-colored, screaming unique in a sea of the mundane, Box Office Warehouse Suites offers all the amenities, from electric car charging stations to coffee bars, from bathrooms to patios and WiFi access, and it is all located in the hottest real estate area in the State of Texas with easy access by air or road to the rest of the world.

Where do you find a small office shop for lease that is affordable, unique, and eco-friendly?

Box Office Warehouse Suites!  Give us a call at (817) 903-9438.

Do it today; you really can’t afford to let this opportunity pass you by.