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Storage container shops are amazing.  Have you seen one?

Storage container warehouses are functional and flexible.  Have you been in one?

Storage container studios are fantastic.  Have you relaxed in one?

Storage container buildings are revolutionary.  Have you considered one?

If you are a small business owner, someone, perhaps, who works from home, someone with space issues but also budget issues, well then you really need to read the rest of this article, because you are about to experience a revelation.

Box Office Warehouse Suites!

The shipping container revolution!

How much time do you have, because we could wax poetic about shipping containers for hours and hours . . . but we know you’re busy, and we know you have a need, so let’s get to the point . . .

Okay, you are a small business owner, you need more space, and you need more space at a reasonable (read inexpensive) leasing rate.  You go out, look at available industrial space for lease, and you are totally underwhelmed by what you find, usually a very small space, totally lacking in personality, cheaply constructed, so incredibly boring as to leave you yawning and discouraged.

But then a buddy suggests that you look into shipping containers as a solution.  You find yourself driving through Fort Worth, Texas, and you see a sign that says Box Office Warehouse Suites.  You pull into the parking lot and you are blown away by what you see . . . brightly-colored commercial units, landscaping, huge parking lot, electric car charging stations, bike racks, more-than-sufficient outside lighting, in general just a good vibe about the place.

And then you go look at one of the commercial units.  You are aware that it is a shipping container because, well, your buddy told you so, but you sure don’t see any resemblance to a container when you enter the unit.  You are standing in a carpeted, paneled, colorful, comfortable space.  There is a space for manufacturing, stairs going up into an upstairs suite where there is an office, a couch, bathroom with shower, kitchenette, a patio.  You pinch yourself.  You must be dreaming. This can’t possibly be a shipping container.

The leasing agent comes over to talk to you.  He explains that the lease is low because construction costs are low.  He explains the flexibility of a container, that it can be anything you want it to be, and he explains that if your business outgrows one container it is easy to simply add containers on as your needs increase.  Then he tells you about the vibrant business location, right in the middle of the hot spot in Fort Worth, the Alliance commercial real estate boom, surrounded by commercial, industrial, and residential construction, and then he asks you the million dollar question:

Are you a dreamer?

And then he says if you are a dreamer, if you are a person who has never been satisfied with the norm, then you really need to lease a shipping container office/warehouse/workspace from Box Office Warehouse Suites.

And you know what?

You agree with him!