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How can there be a problem with affordable apartments, you ask?

Read on, and after you hear us out, we will share an alternative which makes much more sense.

Affordable apartments are affordable for a reason, and that reason is because they are functional and nothing more.  They provide a place to sleep, a place to eat, and a small area in which to relax, and that’s it.  Oftentimes they are built using inexpensive materials, they skimp on essentials like quality insulation, and they have zero personality.

And they offer no room for growth, and no workable alternative for someone who wants to work from home!  Studio apartments for rent are too limiting for sure.

And working from home is what 20% of adults do in the United States.  Twenty percent of adults have a home-based business, which means that the average affordable apartment is woefully inadequate the minute you sign the lease and move in.

Is that really what you want?  We doubt it is, and that is why Box Office Warehouse Suites was created, and that is also why Box Office Warehouse Suites is your best option when looking for a solution to your space problems.

What if we were to tell you it is possible to have functional industrial space AND an office suite in the same structure? What if we were to tell you that this structure would be affordable AND provide you with the opportunity to grow with your business?  Would you have some doubts?

Well lay those doubts to rest and visit Box Office Warehouse Suites, serving the greater Fort Worth area.  We are located in the heart of the Alliance commercial real estate area, an area surrounded by new construction, both industrial and residential, close by Alliance Airport and right off the I-35 freeway.  What we offer is a glimpse at the future, and that future is the shipping container revolution.  We offer flex space!

Take a look at the attached photo.  Does that look like any shipping container you’ve ever seen?  Does that look like a boring apartment for rent?  Does that look like a mundane commercial space for lease?  What it looks like is the perfect commercial shop for rent!

What that photo should look like, to you, is a flex space which can match your dream for the future for your home-based business, a flex space where you can have your business as well as a suite office with all the conveniences, and by conveniences we mean a kitchenette, shower, patio, lighted parking lot, security, and electric car charging stations.  Practical office suites for lease . . . sounds better than affordable apartments, doesn’t it?

What that photo should look like, to you, is a glimpse at your future!

Is your business unique? Your answer should be yes or seriously, you shouldn’t be in business.  Is your business something which reflects you as a businessperson?  Your answer, again, should be yes, because your business is a direct reflection of you as a human being.

So what will that reflection look like to your customers?  If you lease at Box Office Warehouse Suites, your location will tell the world that you are a person who thinks outside the box while working in a box, a recycled shipping container, eco-friendly, flexible, and unique.

Affordable apartments or a step into the future?  Which one of those choices appeals to you?