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What is a container office?  You may have heard the term.  You may, also, have heard of container buildings, or a container house, but you really didn’t know what those terms meant.

Well we’re going to tell you right now!

All of those terms have one word in common, and it is a key word for sure:  container!

Container, as in shipping container, as in approximately 320 square feet of unused space, an empty area which can become practically anything you want it to become.

Like a container office!  So now we have a definition to work with.  A container office is an office made from a used shipping container. And the average citizen will immediately go YUCK, NOT ONE OF THOSE RUSTY, UGLY THINGS, and the average citizen would be completely wrong in stating that.

So, why shipping container buildings?

Today, some of the world’s leading architects are working with used, recycled, re-purposed shipping containers.  Why not?  There are about eight million shipping containers in the world, right now, not being used, so why not spruce them up and be creative?

Cue the music . . . that’s where we come in.  We are Box Office Warehouse Suites, and it is our business to lease commercial space made out of recycled shipping containers, and we are the only such company in the greater Fort Worth area.  That makes us special and you lucky.

Why lucky?

Did we mention inexpensive?  Is a cheap office for you? Our office lease space, made from shipping containers, is competitively priced to match or beat any other office lease space in the area.

Why lucky?

We offer the most-modern designs you will find in the industry.  All of our units are brightly painted and are loaded with the latest conveniences.  How about Wi-Fi?  How about artist suites?  How about patios, electric car charging stations and quality security?

Why lucky?

Because we aren’t offering you the same old/same old, but instead we are offering you a way to put your own personal stamp on your business.  We are offering a bright, fun, and extraordinary address for your business.  We are offering flex space that can be anything you want it to be, and we challenge you to find any other office space that makes that claim.  Is the space office, warehouse, or suite?  It can be all three, and ain’t that a kick in the pants.  Think of it as a container house for a business.

Most of you started as a work-from-home business.  Then you began to grow, and eventually your business outgrew your home, and your vision of success became a reality, and now you need an office space that screams “success” to anyone who stops by.  And if you need to add on, it’s simply a matter of adding on another container, another 320 square feet of space, and you are again ready for more growth.

Box Office Warehouse Suites!  We are located in the trendiest location in the greater Fort Worth area, south of Alliance Airport, where IKEA will soon build a new store, and just south of the recently announced Tanger Outlet Mall.

Give us a call (817) 903-9438, ask for our leasing agent, Jim Eaton, and join the shipping container revolution!