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Are you looking for affordable industrial space in the Alliance commercials real estate area? Did you even know there was such a thing?

Well we have it!

Box Office Warehouse Suites is the name, and saving you money is our game!

Impossible, you say, and we say no, no it isn’t, and if you read on you’ll find out why.

Alliance commercial real estate is, for sure, expensive.  It only makes sense that it is since it is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States, close by Alliance Airport, fifteen miles from DFW International, right off the I-35 freeway, and surrounded by a surge of industrial, commercial, and residential growth.  Heck yes Alliance commercial real estate is expensive.

But Alliance shipping container shops for rent are not expensive, comparatively speaking, and that is what Box Office Warehouse Suites is offering . . . Alliance shipping containers which are affordable, flexible, unique and, quite frankly, only for those business people who dare to be different. Welcome to the shipping container revolution.

Why affordable?  Box Office Warehouse Suites are constructed from reused  shipping containers, so the cost of construction is lower, and that savings in construction costs is passed on to you.

But that’s not the only reason for leasing from Box Office Warehouse Suites.

Container buildings are revolutionary and practical.

Our container buildings are eco-friendly.  By using refurbished shipping containers we are saving, on average, the use of 16,000 board feet of lumber, and we are saving on the production of steel as well.

The fact that we are located in the Fort Worth area speaks volumes about this as a location.  Fort Worth is one of the fastest-growing population centers in the United States, and North Texas is the fourth-largest Metro area in the country.  Look in any direction from the Alliance area and you’ll see new commercial and residential construction going on, and that means stability and growth for any business.

But why a warehouse suite, you ask?  Our unique design will appeal to anyone who has ever tried to work from home but found it terribly cramped and unpractical. The beauty of working from home is you are close to the relaxing ambience of your home.  Your bedroom is there; your kitchen is there; if you want to take a shower, your bathroom is there with shower. It’s kind of like having a home office away from home.

But you see, Box Office Warehouse Suites offers all of that, a suite design which includes a shower, a kitchenette, and even room for a cot if you need to take a nap after a long day.  We offer all the comforts of home within our industrial space, and no other commercial real estate developer in the Fort Worth area can make that claim.

So there you have it . . . affordable, unique, in the heart of a booming commercial area, and as comfortable as home.

Can you really afford not to check out Box Office Warehouse Suites?  Can you really afford to ignore the shipping container revolution as a viable solution to all of your location problems?

We think not!

Box Office Warehouse Suites . . . a peak of the future while standing on the here and now!