Office Space Built Out Of Shipping Containers

Why is this “commercial space for lease” unique?

The words “office space for rent” and “unique” are rarely seen in the same sentence, but that is exactly what you will find at Box Office Warehouse Suite, just south of Alliance Airport, west of I-35 at the Golden Triangle exit.

We could list several technical reasons touting the superior construction, the location, the flexible sizes, and the low costs, but none of those, separately, are unique. No, what makes Box Office Warehouse Suite unique is that it is flexible and can be designed to meet your own particular needs. You might say these are offices with attitude, and that attitude mirrors your attitude.

Scan the classifieds. There is a plethora of commercial property for rent in the North Fort Worth area, but there is only one location offering a mirror of your business vision.

Box Office Warehouse Suite . . . when “where you work” truly matters!

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  • Do you want office space which will reflect your individuality?
  • Do you want office space which can grow as your business grows?
  • Do you want office space which can also include a patio, coffee area, and ADA compliant bathrooms?
  • Do you want commercial space made from container construction which screams your entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Do you want your business in a hip community?
map to box office warehouse suites

1953 Golden Heights Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76177