If you are looking for Alliance area rentals, inexpensive, creative, and cutting-edge, located right smack dab in the hippest community in Fort Worth, just south of the Alliance Airport, west of I-35, then look no further than Box Office Warehouse Suites.

We are the first and only location in the greater Fort Worth area offering box suite office and warehouse space for lease. Shipping container construction lets us build faster, which is just one crucial reason why our rents compare favorably to other commercial real estate for rent in Fort Worth.

We celebrate small business owners and their ability to think creatively and differently, and that is why Box Office Warehouse Suites is the place for you.

Alliance Shipping Containers are Multi-Use Structrures

The shipping container revolution has arrived in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth and if you are looking for a multi-use structure for your small business, look no further than Box Office Warehouse Suites. Shipping containers? Multi-use structures?  You read that correctly! Consider a shipping container a blank canvas.  Before an artist begins to…


Rent a Shop Options in the Fort Worth Area

Rent a shop options in the Fort Worth area are so numerous as to cause a migraine of historical proportions. Is that what you want?  A migraine? Put the aspirin away.  We can make this fairly painless for you if you’re willing to read on. The Fort Worth area is a large and ever-growing area. …