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Electric car charging stations are popping up all over the nation as the country turns towards more fuel-efficient automobiles.  Businesses are finding that this is a nice convenience to have in front of their store, office, warehouse, or manufacturing plant.  You certainly won’t find them at most condos for rent, but we do know where you can find them.  Read on!

In fact, if you are looking towards the future, and the future needs of your customers, an electric car charging stations speaks volumes about you as a businessman.  And really, that’s what this article is all about: forward-thinking, creative entrepreneurs.  To borrow a line from a speech by Robert Kennedy many moons ago, “I see things that never were, and ask why not?”

Realistically speaking, most commercial property for lease, or commercial property for rent, is not designed for the future.  It is, at best, utilitarian in its design, meant to meet immediate needs in the simplest way possible.  There is a working space, perhaps an office, a bathroom, parking stalls, electricity and water. That’s about it!  There is no plan for the future.  The design of your average industrial space, or retail lease space, is based on the here and now, simpler is better.

But what happens when your business grows beyond simple?  What happens when your needs are no longer what they were when you signed that commercial space for lease?  To put a bow on it, you find yourself constricted and limited, and that is no way to run a business.

There is, however, a solution, and that solution is a container building or container office (a variation of a container house).

Shipping containers provide much-needed flexibility for a business.  Each container is eight feet by forty feet, 320 square feet, and if you outgrow one you can simply add another, horizontally or vertically.  Imagine what this means to your business.  A small office shop can become a larger office shop, simply by plopping down another shipping container and making the necessary connections.  Lengthy periods of construction are a thing of the past with container buildings.  We aren’t talking about cheap houses for rent here, or cheap apartments for rent; we’re talking about creative flex space where you can grow.

But that merely speaks to the physical presence of the building. What about the interior design?  This is one of the truly great things about container buildings: they are an open floor space which can easily be transformed to meet your specific needs.  Forward-thinking businessmen are finding that containers are seemingly unlimited in their design possibilities.  Bathrooms, office space, suites, warehouses, storage rooms, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, craftsmen studios, they are all possible within the simple 8×40 design.  Literally within days, at very low cost, a new container will become the answer to your business needs, something you will be proud to exhibit to customers, allowing you to work from home or relax where you work.

In the greater Fort Worth area, the answer is Box Office Warehouse Suites, where spaces are made for the dreamers of the business world.

Flexible office space for rent?  Check!  Unique, cheap warehouse solutions? Check!  An artist suite, or makerspace?  Check!  The only limitations at Box Office Warehouse Suites are the limits you put on your own imagination.

Convenience, flexibility, creativity, inexpensive solutions, you find it all at Box Office Warehouse Suites, where the future is available as quickly as you can dream it.