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It’s no problem to lease office space.  It’s seemingly everywhere you look, those cement, dull, drab, unimaginative buildings housing warehouses, offices, and all other commercial enterprises. They dot the landscape and look like they were produced by a giant cookie-cutter.  If that’s what you want then for goodness sake, get out there and lease some today.

But if you are looking to lease office space for the future, you just might find that a bit more difficult.

We know where you can find it, so read on!

What does office space for the future look like?  It’s a valid question, so let’s talk about that for awhile.  Office space for the future should be environmentally friendly.  I think we can all agree on the fact that many of our natural resources are limited in number, and I think we can also agree that using those resources in vast quantities is not good for the environment.  Did you know that framing a 2,400 square foot building uses 16,000 board feet of lumber?  And that’s just one building! So office space for the future will have to take the environment into consideration and be built using recycled and previously-use materials. Eco-friendly commercial property for lease!

Office space for the future also needs to be flexible, just like the businesses that will be using that office space, and flexibility takes into account the fact that businesses grow, and as they grow they need more space, or they need space for different uses.  Back during Prohibition, many breweries adopted their buildings so they could produce something other than beer; in other words, they were able to adapt to change.

Office space for the future will feel more like you work from home.  Many parents of young children need to work for a company with flexibility regarding child care.  Many employees work better in a home-like setting, and happy employees mean more productive employees.  What is a suite office?  Look at ours and find out.

Office space for the future will simply look different.  As more and more free-thinking, bold entrepreneurs enter the market place, they will demand industrial space which is not cookie-cutter in nature but rather space which reflects their philosophy on business and on life.

The perfect commercial shop for rent!

So, where does one find office space for the future?

Box Office Warehouse Suites in Fort Worth, that’s where!

Box Office Warehouse Suites is located in the heart of the Alliance commercial real estate area, near national and regional airports, right off the freeway, and smack dab in the middle of a huge industrial surge of construction.  Box Office Warehouse Suites are made entirely from recycled shipping containers, at the forefront of the environmental shipping container revolution.  BOWL has all the comfort of work from home with its comfortable office suites and relaxing atmosphere. Box Office Warehouse Suites can increase in size simply by adding a container, and Box Office Warehouse Suites are unique and trend-setting.

The future is now . . . container buildings at Box Office Warehouse Suites in Fort Worth!