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Cheap Apartments for rent” ads are seemingly everywhere you look online.  One-bedroom, two-bedrooms, studios for rent, kitchenette, small bathroom, workspace, condos for rent, view, private entrance, spare room for potential cheap office, office in home, suites, and on and on we go . . . and none of them are appealing.  Wouldn’t you like to read, just once, an appealing ad for an appealing space?

After awhile they all look the same?  Have you noticed that?  Scan the classifieds for ten minutes and your eyes begin to cross and you start to nod off. There is no individuality about the ads, and it gets worse once you actually go out and take a look at the apartments for rent.  Oh, the leasing agent will for sure try to sell you on the darling and quaint features, but take a closer look and you really won’t see anything unique at all about any of them.

Allow us to ask you this:  wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could find a place which can be as comfortable as a home and yet offer the ability to use it as an office or industrial space?  Why settle for mundane when unique is right there waiting for you? Like an apartment rental alternative?

Shipping containers are the answer!

Box Office Warehouse Suites containers are built for the way you work or, stated another way, they are built for the way you live.  In other words they are flexible and they can be a direct reflection of who you are as an individual.

Do you have a small budget?  How about 320 square feet starting at a very low cost? Larger budget? No problem, because Box Office Warehouse Suites offer the flexibility you need in this ever-changing world.  Comfortable, compact, professional, like an inspiring container house or container suite, all located in the most-trendy community in Fort Worth, Box Office Warehouse Suite is in a new development site with commercial and residential development surrounding it, where hundreds of new homes are being built, close by Alliance Airport in the heart of Alliance commercial real estate.

Today’s world calls for the ability to adjust to the changing landscape.  How many people now work from home?  The latest figures estimate slightly more than one-in-five Americans have a home-based business, or have the option to work from home for their employer; if that is the case, and it is, then doesn’t it make sense to rent a house, or rent an apartment, which is also designed to be a flexible home office?

Have you driven through some of these new housing developments lately?  Can you say “cookie-cutter design?”  Every single one of the units looks like the one before and the one after. They all have postage-stamp front yards, small rectangular backyards, and the individuality of a piece of white toast.  Is that what you want?  Do you simply want a place to sleep which looks just like thousands of other places?  Or do you want a commercial suite which doubles as a small office shop, and screams to the world you are not like anyone else and never will be?

So, the next time you scan those classified ads for an “apartment for rent,” keep in mind that you don’t have to live your life like everyone else.  You don’t have to be like anyone else.

There is an alternative!