Office Lease SpaceAre you looking for an office loft in Fort Worth? Look no further than Box Office Warehouse Suites.

Anyone looking for an office loft Fort Worth might be in for a very long search.

Unless they call us at (817) 903-9435.

Oh sure, there are offices for rent in Fort Worth.  It is, after all, one of the fastest growing commercial and residential areas in all of Texas, so finding office space for rent in not the problem.

And yes, there are lofts for rent in Fort Worth, quite a few, as a matter of fact, atop businesses in many of the Fort Worth business districts.

But an office loft?  For rent?  In Fort Worth?

Not likely!

Contact us for help!  We are RDS Real Estate and we have the solution to your search.

Now you might be able to rent a loft and then convert it into an office, if the zoning laws, and the leasing company, allow you to do so.  But we have an easier solution to your problem, and it’s now time to give you that answer.

But first we invite you to watch a YouTube video of a place called Box Office Warehouse Suites, a newly-opened business park in unincorporated North Fort Worth.  Go check it out (tap the YouTube link) and then come back to this article and let’s chat.

Container buildings give you everything you want in an office loft.

It’s a bold statement but true.

If you watched the video you saw quite a few offices with lofts added above them.  It’s easy to do with container buildings.  Containers were designed with stacking in mind, like over-sized building blocks for the Jolly Green Giant.  It’s really amazingly simple to stack one on top of another, cut a hole in the bottom of one and the ceiling of another, add stairs, and hocus pocus you have an office loft, or an office with a loft if you prefer.

Shipping containers for small businesses!

It’s not magic; it is, however, the wave of the future in commercial property for rent, and you can ride that wave at Box Office Warehouse Suites, thirty-eight commercial properties made from over one-hundred recycled shipping containers, and all designed by Vue Architecture with you in mind.

Prices at BOWS start as low as $875 per month.  Go ahead and try to find an office for rent for that low price in Fort Worth.  If you do find one it most likely will be in an unattractive and undesirable section of the city, not at all what you want.  Check out the bright colors and graffiti art at BOWS.  Check out the anchor tenants in Happy Bank and Salon & Spa Galleria.  Check out the traffic flow, and recognize that being in unincorporated North Fort Worth means much fewer government regulations for you to be bothered with.

An office loft in Fort Worth? Last year it would have seemed unlikely, but today you have Box Office Warehouse Suites to check out and fall in love with.

We are standing by the phone, we being RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, and the guardians of Box Office Warehouse Suites . . . your future business home!

Call us today and let’s make this thing happen!  We have a loft with a grass patio with your name on it.