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That’s right, we are advising that you don’t rent apartments for home businesses, and if you’ll give us a few moments, we’ll tell you exactly why you shouldn’t do that.

One in five adults in the United States operates a home business. We are talking tens of millions of people, all with dreams, all with a vision, and all struggling along trying to make smart decisions which will be profitable.  These are creative people, smart people, people with the guts to take a risk and follow an inner-voice which tells them to not accept the status quo, but to instead shoot for the stars.

And yet most of them handicap their businesses from day one, and that handicap is in the very name of their enterprise . . . their home . . . and the problem arises once the home business becomes successful.

We know, that sounds like a riddle, but it really isn’t.

A home business, by its very nature, has some limitations, namely in space and appearance.  Oh, it’s all fine when you are starting out on a shoestring and a prayer, but once your business is established, and once sales start pouring in, the limitations become obvious very quickly.  Starting out, it was perfectly all right to have your business office in the spare bedroom, and it was perfectly all right to have your inventory in the garage, but those things are not all right once your business takes off.  Suddenly that spare bedroom is cramped for space (is your office in home too small already?), and that garage can’t handle all of the inventory you need to have on hand . . . and we haven’t even mentioned how tacky it is if you have to meet a customer at your house and the dirty laundry is sitting on the couch and the dog just pooped on the carpet.

Are you beginning to see the potential problems?  Success has led to the need for adequate and professional space.

What to do? Why limit yourself to studios for rent?

Well, the first thing you shouldn’t do is go apartment hunting, even if that apartment is larger than your current home.  All you are doing is trading one set of problems for another.

Never fear!  There is a solution, and that solution is Box Office Warehouse Suites, and we are ready to solve your problems. We offer flex space!

Box Office Warehouse Suites offers flex space commercial property for lease, and we offer it at a very affordable price.  We offer office suites in shipping container buildings, the best of all worlds, ample space, a professional appearance, a comfortable suite where you can relax and crash after a tough work day, and all located in the heart of the Alliance commercial real estate area near Fort Worth. It is the perfect commercial shop for rent.

The best of all worlds, but we only offer it to business people who have a vision and a dream.

Is that you?  Can you think outside the box from within our boxes?  Would you like an office with an attitude? Practical suites for rent are available. Then clean up the dog poop in your living room, give us a call at (817) 903-9438, and take the first step towards a new business life as part of the shipping container revolution.  You won’t regret your decision to do so for one moment.