And a revolution it is!

We are changing the construction industry one building at a time!

Is it an office space, a warehouse, an artist suite, or a garage? Is it a makerspace, a workshop, or a multi-purpose flex space? Perhaps it is all three, and that is just one of the revolutionary aspects of shipping container construction.

Box Office Warehouse Suites offers you, the small business owner, a bright, fun, unique face for your enterprise. We know you have a vision, and it is our job to match your physical address to your vision.

Shipping containers give us the flexibility to achieve that goal.

Why settle for blasé? Lease from a place that celebrates small business owners and their ability to think outside of the box. Travel through our website and you’ll find a bounty of articles which will answer all of your questions about shipping containers, the whys, the hows, the many uses, the flexibility and the environmental stewardship aspect.

Travel through our website and you’ll catch a peek at . . .

The shipping container revolution!