Suites For RentSmall office spaces in Fort Worth can be found at Box Office Warehouse Suites in Alliance Area.

We know where you can find the best small office space in Fort Worth?

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The best small office space?

What makes office space the best, you might ask?

There are so many factors which go into a declaration such as that: location, price, quality of construction, management, amenities, and ambiance, to name just a few.  Toss in the intangibles, like the feeling you get when you look at the office for rent, and sprinkle in a little karma, and you might, just might find the best small office for rent in Fort Worth.

And we can help with that search!  We are RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial real estate firms in the Fort Worth area, with over one-million square feet of small, multi-use commercial properties, and we have just the place for someone looking for a small office to rent.

And that place is Box Office Warehouse Suites in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth! Contact us for more information at

What is Box Office Warehouse Suites?

It is thirty-eight commercial properties made from over one-hundred shipping containers.

It is shipping containers for small businesses, and it is the funkiest and most unique business park in all of Tarrant County.

Lease office space, in Fort Worth, in a recycled and professionally-designed shipping container.

You’ve all seen articles and videos about container construction and the cool things that are happening in that area of the construction business.  Now you can see it in person in the Fort Worth Design District with a trip to Box Office Warehouse Suites.  The world of small offices for lease in the Fort Worth area just changed forever!

Why a container building?

First of all, container buildings are built to last.  Tornadoes can’t destroy them.  Hurricanes can’t destroy them. They are anchored to cement pads and there for as long as you want them to be, so no worries about destruction.  They are also inexpensive.  Regular construction costs do not apply with container buildings, and that savings is passed on to our customers at Box Office Warehouse Suites with rents as low as $875 per month for a basic small office of 320 square feet.

And container buildings are flexible. They are, literally, an empty shell which can easily be retrofitted into anything you want them to be.  Do you want a small office with a loft? No problem at Box Office Warehouse Suites.  How about a small office for lease with a warehouse?  No problem at Box Office Warehouse Suites.

No, this is not fiction.  This is a reality happening each and every day in the Fort Worth Design District, small business owners discovering the huge advantages of shipping container construction, and it can happen to you as well.  Give us a call.  Come out for a visit.  Let’s make this thing happen for you sooner rather than later.

Small office space in Fort Worth?  You betcha, at Box Office Warehouse Suites!