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“Home rentals” or “Office Rentals,” which should you look for when it is time for your next move?

How about both in one?  How about a home office with an attitude, and homey benefits as a bonus?

What if you could have an inexpensive office space in an up-and-coming industrial park AND a place to crash after those long, all-nighters?

What if you could have it all, work from home and home at work?

Shipping containers just might be the answer to all of your needs!

Yes, we said shipping containers, and we meant to say it.

Toss away your preconceived notions about old rusty shipping containers, and take a look at the picture above?  Does that look like an old, rusty shipping container heading for China?  Of course not, and that’s because Box Office Warehouse Suites, serving the greater Fort Worth area, has spared no expense in recycling used containers and making them into showcase container offices/warehouses/flex spaces which are every bit as comfortable as a container home.

A little sandblasting, some interior work, some serious design innovations, wooden floors, paneled walls,  add some windows, large windows, toss in some doors, and you suddenly have 320 square feet of makerspace which can be anything you want it to be.

And the best part of it all?  Container buildings, like a container house, are inexpensive and can grow with your business.  Need some more space?  Container suites are like building blocks, or Legos if you will; you just put one on top of another, cut open a stairway, add a door or two, and you’ve got double your space.

It really is that easy!

Traditional construction will take you six months or longer to build a comparable space, but not so with container construction.  You tell the pros at Box Office Warehouse Suites what you want and they snap their fingers and make it happen.  It may sound like we’re exaggerating but truly we are not.

Stop looking in the classifieds for apartment for rent, or homes for rent, and forget about a home office; what we are offering you is the flexibility to have practically anything you want in one space, and that kind of freedom is very hard to come by.  Don’t believe us? Check out the “cheap houses for rent” classifieds and see how little you find.

Box Office Warehouse Suites is located in the Alliance commercial real estate area near Alliance Airport, conveniently surrounded by commercial and residential growth.  It is the happening place in the Fort Worth area, the perfect location for your container office/flex space.

Jim Eaton, our leasing agent, is standing by to take your call at 817-903-9438, or you can reach him by email at if you should choose that route. Either way and you’ll be talking to Jim within minutes about this exciting alternative to traditional construction and business. Hey, we even have electric car charging stations. 

So, what do you say? Stop looking at home for rent. Stop working from home.  Combine both of them into one space, a professional office space where you can crash after a long day, and go to sleep at night knowing you  are on the cutting edge of a business revolution.