Suites for rent in the greater Fort Worth area are not hard to find at all, but what about suites for rent with uniqueness and quirky appeal? What about suites included in a package with office space, warehouse space, or makerspace? What about flex space you can shape into your own dream?

Work in the newest office space design using shipping container construction. Work at Box Office Warehouse Suites, the newest member in the Alliance commercial real estate area.

Shipping containers are not for everyone. They are only for people who think outside the box, the forward thinkers who find it intriguing, working “inside the box.”

Is that you?

Alliance Area Studio

If you are looking for an Alliance Area studio to rent, we have two words for you: Good luck! Studios for rent, for commercial purposes, are few and far between in the Fort Worth area or, for that matter, in all of Tarrant County.  The reason for that is size, as in bigger is better in…


Fort Worth Studio

Looking for a Fort Worth studio to live in is a hit-and-miss situation.  Studios are few and far between in the Fort Worth downtown area; quite frankly they are being phased out quickly in favor of condominiums and it makes perfect sense from a profit standpoint. Studios for rent in Fort Worth for commercial purposes…


Alliance Area Loft

Conduct a Google search for Alliance Area loft.  Go ahead, we’ll wait while you do it. What did you come up with? We came up with lofts for rent in Alliance, Ohio, and loft conversions in the Alliance neighborhood of Detroit. In the entire Google universe, those were the two most promising Google hits for Alliance Area…