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We had that question posed to us the other day: what is a suite office?

The quick answer is this: it is an office located in a suite above a workspace or warehouse.

Chances are excellent that you’ve seen one at some point, but you’ve never seen one like those sold by Box Office Warehouse Suites, and that is because we offer the convenience of an artist suite but still a functional workspace.

That’s a bold statement and we stand by it.  Here’s why!

Here’s a description of a typical suite office in a typical warehouse; after you read it, contrast/compare it to the description of Box Office Warehouse Suites and see what you think.

In most industrial situations, you walk through a concrete and steel warehouse, walk up some rickety wooden stairs, grabbing hold of the railing for fear of the steps collapsing, and arrive at the top of the stairs where an office awaits; it is a space partitioned off by several pieces of ½ inch plywood.  It is tacky on the best of days and on the worst it is an embarrassment.  Inside that office there are plywood floors, and there sits the boss/manager/owner, conducting business.

Now step inside a unit found at Box Office Warehouse Suites.

You enter a nicely refurbished shipping container. The paneled walls are inviting, as is the wooden floor.  Design work was done by Hue Grant, of Hue Architecture, so this comes as no surprise.  You stroll through the warehouse space to carpeted stairs leading up to the office, and it is there that you realize “you aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!”  Upstairs in the suite you find a comfortable couch, artwork on the walls, an inviting kitchenette, my goodness there is even a bathroom with shower.  How can this be, you ask?  How in the world can there be such a difference?

Well, we offer containers offices, to which you reply “what is a container office?”

In searching for an answer to that question, we are struck with the only words that seem to adequately fit the situation:  Box Office Warehouse Suites is unlike any other industrial space for lease you will ever come across.  We designed it with “different in mind,” and once you step inside one of our units you’ll realize that. Toss away your preconceived notions of old warehouses.  Toss away your preconceived notions of 1950’s commercial spaces, or dingy offices, or concrete floors, or any of that outdated silliness.  At Box Office Warehouse Suites you enter the future of construction . . . The shipping container revolution!

Not so fast, you say!  “What if my business grows and I need more room?” Valid question and we have a valid answer . . .  we just add on another container to match your growth! We can keep meeting the needs of your business in 320 square foot increments.  We offer practical office suites for lease, office suites which will serve your business for years to come.

So seriously, the next time you need commercial space for lease, check out Box Office Warehouse Suites, located in the Alliance commercial real estate area, near Alliance Airport just off of I-35.  Talk to our leasing agent about your specific needs, and then step back and allow us to do our magic.

Offices with attitude!  Suites with vision!  Commercial real estate from the future!

Box Office Warehouse Suites!