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Why rent a sea containers house or office?  It’s a question that is being pondered by hundreds of thousands at this very moment.  It’s a question that deserves an answer, and we’re going to provide several for you in this article.

At first glance it’s an odd phrase . . . sea containers home/office . . . but it perfectly describes the item we are talking about, an old container used for shipping products on sea-going vessels, turned into a house or office.  It is currently the rage in construction, along with mini-houses, a part of the “go small” and “go ecological” movements, and it is admirable and it makes a world of good sense.

Yes, sea containers are eco-friendly, in that they are already constructed before being transformed. That means that hardly any new resources are needed to refurbish and retrofit them to make them habitable.  Now that may not seem like a big deal, but consider the fact that it takes 16,000 board feet of lumber to frame an average home/office, and another 20,000 square feet of lumber products to finish a building, and you begin to see how much help is giving to the environment when a container is used.  Yes, there are still lumber products used for the finish work, the wall, flooring, ceilings, but it is considerably less than would be used in traditional construction. Eco friendly commercial property for lease?  Yes indeed!

“Go small” . . . yes, they are reasonably small, 320 square feet as a matter of fact, so they are primarily looked at as homes for a couple with no children, and in business primarily for small businesses, work from home business, but that basically describes 20% of homes in the United States, so there is a huge demand for container buildings.

And supply can meet that demand.  It is estimated there are currently over seven million unused containers in the world today, seven million potential homes, offices, warehouses, garages, workshops, or artist suites.

The environment is breathing a huge sigh of relief over that news.  The perfect commercial shop for rent.

Can you handle some more good news?

Because they are so easy and fast construct/retrofit, the cost of leasing them is much lower.  In other words, sea container homes/offices are less expensive, and that is huge news for any young couple or home business owner.

Can you handle more good news?

Containers are extremely easy to work with and flexible to meet individual demands.  If you outgrow a single container it is a snap of the fingers to add on another, and another, adding 320 square feet of space with each addition . . . and the opposite is true as well.  You don’t need so much room . .  . remove a container!  It is called flex space and it is something you should desire.

So there you have it, the shipping container revolution, and a bevy of reasons why you should consider them if you are looking for a small home/office/warehouse, etc.  In a world where natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate, shipping containers gives an alternative that any creative professional can live with. Why use more resources when it is not necessary?  It is entirely possible in today’s world to have a business and be a friend to the environment.  All it  takes is a desire to do so.