The Benefits Of Shipping Container Buildings

The benefits of shipping container buildings, whether we are talking about container workshop, a container office, a container warehouse, or a container suite, are numerous and worthy of serious consideration. Scrub from your mind the old visions of rusted metal shipping containers waiting to be loaded on a ship on Pier 17. Today hundreds of thousands of people have found that shipping containers hold the answers to many construction problems, and space problems, that have been plaguing the construction business for decades.

Let’s take a look at several reasons why you should consider shipping containers for your next space needs.

We never use the word “cheap” when talking about shipping containers, because “cheap” has a somewhat negative connotation, but we will definitely say that shipping containers are incredibly affordable. Here is a statement you can take to the bank: getting a used shipping container and having it refurbished is less expensive than buying a building in the cheapest section of any city.

Once you’ve got your container, you will then find out just how easy it is to construct on a site and how easy it is to work with. Hey, the framing and walls are already there. All that’s left for you to do is add windows, doors, wiring, and plumbing. Toss in a little interior design, secure to a foundation, and you have a flex space which can be used for many purposes.

How long does it take for your container to be functional? Literally a matter of a couple months! Admit it right now, there is no way for you to build an office or makespace, from scratch, in a couple months. There is always an urgency in any new workshop or office building buyer, and shipping containers take care of that urgency.

Perhaps the most attractive reason to consider shipping container construction is that you will get exactly what you want, and there is no limitation on your imagination in deciding what you want. The shipping container, starting out, is an empty shell of 320 square feet. It’s up to you to decide what that 320 square feet looks like, so turn that imagination loose. Anyone who has ever shopped around for a office, warehouse, or work space knows that your “wish list” is never totally fulfilled when you finally decide on a building. With container buildings it is!

Need more space? Simply add on another container, an extra 320 square feet, and you can keep on adding on until you finally get what you want, and future growth is finally taken care of.

Another benefit: used shipping containers are environmentally friendly. Enough said about that! Anytime you can prevent using natural resources, you’ve done a good thing. Most shipping container construction is done using a used shipping container. They are sandblasted, gutted, sanitized, and then new construction begins. No stress on the environment at all!

And one last benefit to consider: shipping containers allow you to make a personal statement about who you are as a person. In a world of conformity, where every building looks like every other building, where commercial centers all look like they were made by cookie-cutters, shipping containers allow you to be creative and to put your own personal stamp on the building.

So there you have it! After reading this list of benefits, the only question left to answer is this: why wouldn’t you consider shipping container construction?

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